Looking Closely At The Netgear AC1200 R6120 | Review & Guide

Netgear produces some of the best networking equipment in the world and the Netgear R6120 AC1200 Router is no different.

I recently covered the topic of AC1200 vs AC1900. There was a clear winner – the 1900. That being said, the AC1200 is a great mid-budget purchase. While writing that article I got to test out this Netgear AC1200 in person, at home, in my office.

Netgear AC1200 Router Review

As you can see above the router is actually pretty well priced for what it is.

In layman’s terms, what you’re getting is an 802.11ac router… This means you’re getting the latest standard with widespread adoption. While you can pay a few hundred dollars for a top of the range AC1900 you can easily spend under $100 and get the best AC1200. Which I think the Netgear could be considered a contender for.

Notable Features

This router comes with all of the modern features that you’d expect from a top of the range router.

  • Granular control via the included phone app
  • USB 2.0 access for Printers & other devices.
  • Dual-band frequencies for medium-large area coverage.
  • Guest Network for separate & secure access.
  • AC1200 WiFi – 300 + 867Mbps speeds.

The Pros

I would have to say there are a lot of pros to the device. For a medium budget router, it has a lot of bells and whistles that others simply don’t. But that’s what you’d expect from a quality Netgear router.

One of the highlights for me was how granular you can be with access and management. You have full control and that’s a feeling you just couldn’t get with any router a few years ago.

rear interface of the r6120

The actual interface is very clean and there are 4 ethernet slots if you should need that many wired connections.

The Cons

I think the main disadvantage of this router is the same as with any AC1200 router. That’s simply that it’s not faster than it is. I love this router but I’m a speed freak and as a bit of a nerd I will always want better… That being said, I recommend it for anyone who wants to upgrade on what they received from their ISP (Internet Service Provider) in the last 3-5 years. It’s miles ahead.

I would also say that it would of been nice to have had a USB 3.0 instead of 2.0.

Who Should Buy This Router?

If you have a fairly large home, with multiple devices connected to the internet (streaming or browsing) then this router will work amazingly for you.

It’s also a great buy for online gamers who want secure and stable connections to servers when downloading or in-game.


Do I recommend this router?

100% it’s a great purchase and if you can get it while it’s on a discount then even better.

Check it out on Amazon below: