Netgear R7000 Review

Router200 Reviews: Netgear R7000

In this router200 review, I’m going to be reviewing the NETGEAR Nighthawk r7000 when it was released this router was one of the fastest out there.

Offering speeds of 1900 megabits per second with the dual band on the 613 100mm speed waves you could you couldn’t find a better router than this one. With an excellent range it is considered to be one of the best routers out there, however, how much better is it than routers beneath it? Because the price point is quite a jump.

Well if you want to talk about features alone we can we know everything that there is to know about the routers before it for example on the site with already reviewed that is 6700. In that review, we did state that the processor speed for 1 gigahertz with a dual-core processor. The Nighthawk r7000 hasn’t improved on that, in fact, they both share the same dual-core processor and they both share the same amount of antennas, there isn’t much difference between these two routers on the whole.

Much like other NETGEAR routers, this particular router does come with various different models so the r7000 does come with an AC 1750 and ac1900 and ac2300 and various others. In this review, I’m focusing specifically on the NETGEAR Nighthawk ac1900 r7000.

This one is around $50 more expensive sometimes more than it’s predecessor however it does offer some big leaps in advances so first of all, it does have a dynamic quality of service, prioritizing bandwidth by various applications and devices. Other models before this router have done that and attempted to do that, this does it better than ever.

It is compatible with all of the latest technology such as Amazon echo and Alexa you can control your home network using voice commands up with you with this router and it does use beamforming which improves the Range and Performance plus high powered amplifiers and antennas to extend your Wi-Fi coverage.

Due to the price point we wouldn’t consider this a budget router however if you want to be gaming in your home and be getting some of the best speeds possible you will be able to use this router and out gun 50% of your competition or more, especially if you’re playing with a very high-speed internet connection, to begin with. This router is aimed at getting the full maximum amount of Speed out of your internet speeds that you possibly can lot of the reviews of this router have exclaimed how good it is for gaming so we would consider this a budget gaming router or at least a mid-range one.

It does have wireless connectivity via the Wi-Fi also it does have dual-band frequency bands so is a bit better for Range than some routers it works with the wireless compatibility of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac so this is backward compatible with certain older devices around the home. Because of the AC, this means that it’s going to be compatible with all of the newest devices, as well some of your newer devices are going to be backward compatible with these routers as well. So you don’t need to worry that you have an older device or a newer device and it might not work.

It does come with an app as well much as a lot of the newer routers do and this allows you to control your router from anywhere in your home allowing you to simply reset it if you need to or configure the settings as needed if you were parent than the parental control options are definitely a plus especially if you can do it through your app.

On Amazon the reviews of this router are incredibly good, pretty much all of the NETGEAR routers are considered to be some of the best out there. This is considered Amazon’s choice for the NETGEAR Nighthawk series and that’s a good thing that shows that this router is very popular and the Nighthawk series is world-renowned so if this is the top Choice for the Nighthawk you can bet that you’re spending your money well.

So to sum up this review we’ve talked about a couple of the features and we talked about what it is good for and what it isn’t.

If this is in your budget definitely get it but if this is at the upper end of your budget maybe not. If I was to give this a rating out of 5 I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 that’s because it looks good it does its job as described however you can’t really give it a 5-star rating. Just because there are others out there today that are way faster if you’re looking for speeds that will allow you to do anything that you want.