Spectrum Approved Modems & Router Models

ISP: Spectrum Internet

If you are a charter spectrum customer then you need to use a recommended approved model of modem/router.

Check out our list of supported authorized routers for spectrum.

Approved Brands:

Not all brands are approved, and only certain models from said brands are approved. Here’s the brands, scroll down further for the models.

  • Arris
  • Netgear
  • ASUS
  • Linksys
  • Motorola
  • TP-Link
  • SMC
  • D-Link
  • Zoom
  • Zyxel

Approved Models:

Netgear CAX80
Arris SB6183
Arris SB6190
Arris SB8200
Arris SBG6950AC2
Arris SBG7400AC2
Arris SBG7580
Arris SBG7580-AC
ASUS CM-32_AC2600
Linksys CG7500
Linksys CM3016
Linksys CM3024
Motorola MB7621
Motorola MG7700
Motorola MB8600
Netgear C6300
Netgear C6900
Netgear C7000
Netgear C7000v2
Netgear CM500-100NAS
Netgear CM600
Netgear CM700
Netgear CM1000
Netgear CM1000v2
Netgear CM1100
Netgear CM1200
TP-Link CR1900
Arris SBG6900-AC
Motorola MB7420
Motorola MG7540
Motorola MG7550
Netgear C6250
SMC Networks D3CM1604
TP-Link CR500
TP-Link CR700
TP-Link TC-7620
Arris SB6141
Arris SBG6400
Arris SBG6580
Arris SBG6580-2
Arris SBG6700-AC
D-Link DCM301
Linksys CM3008
Motorola MB7220
Motorola MG7310
Motorola MG7315
Netgear C3000
Netgear C6220
Netgear CG3000D
Netgear C3700v2
Netgear CM400
Netgear CMD31T
TP-Link TC-7610
TP-Link TC-W7960
Zoom 5341J
Zoom 5345
Zoom 5350
Zoom 5352
Zoom 5354
Zoom 5360
Zoom 5363
Zyxel CDA30360
Arris SB6120
Arris SB6121
Arris SBG10
Arris SBG7600AC2
Arris SBG8300
Netgear C3700v2
Netgear C6300v2
Netgear C7500
Netgear C7800
Netgear Cable Orbi CBR40 or CBK40
Netgear N450
TP-Link TC7650
Zoom 5370