Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet is one of the top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States.

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Common Questions:

Some of the most common questions people ask about spectrum internet routers and modems.

Can I Use My Own Router With Spectrum?

As a customer of spectrum you are required to use an approved modem / router and therefore your existing router may not be compatible.

Does Spectrum Give You A Router?

For a monthly fee you can have spectrum send you a pre-configured router. If you do not wish to pay a monthly fee for a router then you will need to provide your own.

What Routers Are Compatible With Spectrum Internet?

There are a number of compatible modems and routers that you can use with spectrum. You can find the list here.

What Brand Router Does Spectrum Use?

Spectrum uses their own brand of router called the Wave. The current model called Wave 2 has 3 variants which are manufactured by three different companies. RAC2V1S: Sagemcom; RAC2V1K: Askey; RAC2V1A: Arris